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Aldo Sergio: Questioning the Reality

Pixelated Point of View

Milan-based artist Aldo Sergio captures attention with a series of neo-surrealistic oil paintings – portraits, landscapes, and still lifes – depicting various figures and scenes with obstructed pixelated parts. In a style unique to his own, the artist’s work makes one question their perspective and beliefs regarding what’s real and essential.

"Second Act" by Aldo Sergio, oil on canvas, 2017

Born in Salerno in 1982, young Aldo spent most of his childhood at his grandfather’s art studio, where he first encountered oils and began painting. Mesmerized by the way his grandfather worked and moved around the studio, Sergio finally found a release to the vision he always had and a medium to express it. After graduating Art School, Aldo decided to study Anthropology and its place in the art by researching archaic and modern elements, the balance and conflict between the two. Working with traditional tools, Aldo likes to experiment with the process and subvert the technical rules. The artist crowns his style “a consequence of this path and the apparent contradictions”.

"Holy Icon I" by Aldo Sergio, oil on canvas, 2018

The trademark style of Aldo Sergio has been manifested over years of practical experiments, color and palette study, compositional decisions, and numerous other choices, which led to the carefully thought-out paintings that often contradict the chaotic reality of the world. Obscured objects and people draw the attention of the viewer stronger than the precise rendition of a body or a landscape on canvas. By challenging the way these scenes are perceived, Aldo focuses the attention on the juxtaposition of classic and contemporary art, and the intricacies of living in the age of advanced technological advances.

"The Altar" by Aldo Sergio, oil on canvas, 2017

“Even if inspiration could be associated with something that suddenly manifests itself, it is always the result of an obsessive process that slowly matures inside. These obsessions change and alternate, during a certain period of time, they can be photos of the beginning of the century, and in another, plants or sacred and profane icons, these two often go together.”

"On The Shore" by Aldo Sergio, oil on canvas, 2013

Deciphering the context of each individual painting, the objects portrayed often seem like characters from another era expertly portrayed in a traditional way. While done precisely, the parts of the painting are obscured, hidden, even abstract. Partially or completely pixelated, the paintings allow the viewers to come to their own conclusion and raise their own questions about perspective and relevance.

"Healthy Icon I" by Aldo Sergio, oil on canvas, 2018

While many contemporary artists try to put as much of themselves into the art they create, Aldo Sergio steps away and allows his pieces to speak for themselves, always maintaining a hint of mystery – for the artist first. Aldo believes the dialogue between the work and the viewer is a continuation of the art process, and his main goal is to generate that conversation. If we’re to judge, he succeeds tremendously, and his mesmerizing paintings blur the lines between fine and digital, traditional and contemporary, real and imaginary.

All images copyright of Aldo Sergio

You can view more work by Aldo on his Instagram and website.

Article written by Natalie Kotok

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