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Obi Wolf: The Art of Simplicity and Purity

A Creative Professional

Obi Wolf is a young photographer and designer from Germany. He was born and raised in Frankfurt but attended design college in Cologne. He always wanted to be a “creative professional“, and through the photography, his dream finally came true. Today, Obi lives in Berlin and works as a portrait and fashion photographer.

Fashion and Portrait photography by Obi Wolf (32)
Obi Wolf - Kath, Studio Series
Obi Wolf - Untitled, Diary series

Spontaneous Photography by Obi Wolf

Obi Wolf photographs mostly young women. They are usually not professional models, just the girls he met by chance and whose beauty and personality appeared to be a great inspiration for him. The shooting process is very interesting. Images are created in different places. Sometimes the whole shooting happens at the photographer’s studio, but sometimes the magic happens during his travels. This way, Obi’s work is recognized for spontaneously created portraits with perfect composition.

Fashion and Portrait photography by Obi Wolf (24)
Obi Wolf - Madelaine

The Pure Women’s Beauty – an Eternal Source of Artistic Inspiration

The simplicity and purity are maybe two main characteristics of Obi’s art. He shows women’s natural beauty and he shows it always with various motifs. Obi Wolf described his work as a soft, honest and silent. He likes to experiment and to improve photography techniques, but the one thing stays the same in his work – authenticity. The natural light and everyday surrounding are his first choice.

Thus, every single model of Obi’s photography reveals the uniqueness of women’s beauty. The collections are named simply by his models: Luisa, Feline, Paula, and Jasmin, which also highlights the simplicity of concepts of Obi’s art.

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You can view more work by Obi Wolf his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Danica Jovic




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