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Andreas Levers: A Project Manager by Day and a Photographer by Night

2D Photographer with 3D Creativity

Andreas Levers is as interesting as his urban architectural photographs. Born and raised in Germany, he is unlike other photographers who are pursuing a full-time photographic career. Instead, Levers describes himself as a Project Manager by day and a Photographer by night.

The decision to not pursue photography as a full-time artist is varied for Andreas as he has seen how fellow photographers struggle and this is something he fears would rob him of his enthusiasm for photography. So he has found a happy medium. As a self-taught photographer, he spent time learning about the craft by trial and error and through fellow enthusiasts. It is a journey he admits has taken a lot more time and energy than had he simply gone the formal education route.

Andreas Levers - At Night series, minus37 (7)
Andreas Levers - At Night series

Andreas Levers’ Photographic Process

Levers spatial perception is almost supernaturally enhanced which he attributes to the fact that he actually has very poor eyesight and cannot see without his glasses!

In order to capture his images he “forces” himself to see each scene in 2D by covering one eye in order to shift the perception of the room or shot. Otherwise, he uses a technique where he raises the viewfinder to his eye and moves around the environment to explore how the lines and objects change.  Andreas works to close the distance between what is being experienced with all of his architectural images. What may seem simple to others is intricate and unique in atmosphere and character in his view.

Andreas Levers - The Modern World series, minus37 (3)
Andreas Levers - The Modern World series

Lines, Shapes and Patterns

Clean lines, overarching geometry and repeating pattern all combine into the visual artistry that we see in Levers’ images. He always has a clear vision of the end result he is looking to achieve which makes his process quite methodical in nature.

His outlook on life is positive and quite uplifting despite the foggy deserted images that we admire. For Andreas, he wants people to see beauty in even the most mundane or smallest things; and believes that it grows in beauty the more you share this experience of space with others.

All images copyright of Andreas Levers.

You can view more work by Andreas Levers his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Angelina Angileri




Andreas Levers - At Night series, minus37 (5)



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