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Emanuele Tozzoli: Inspiring and Unapologetic

The Synergy of Styles and Colors

Emanuele Tozzoli, an Italian mixed media artist, fuses themes of abstraction, cubism, and impressionism to create ethereal, viscerally intriguing pieces. Rich in color and emotive body, Tozzoli treats his creative process much like a writing a composition, with an awakened sense for the eyes that a pianist has for the ears. “I am fascinated by the compositional depth that derives from it. It’s probably something that I carry with me from music, a bit like mixing the sounds together in a composition.

"Fantoches" by Emanuele Tozzoli, mixed media on panel, 2018

With a background in music and art, Emanuele was bathed in creativity from a young age, “I started painting and creating small sculptures in the early years of my childhood with my father Dario, an artist who has been creating works for almost 50 years. Later I studied and composed music for many years and this had a big impact on my way of feeling the art.” His roots seem to have fine-tuned his senses, enabling him to be a thoughtful and sensual artist, transcending the barriers of art, music, and emotion to mingle between them all.

"Algebra" by Emanuele Tozzoli, mixed media on panel, 2018

Through the tactile use of acrylics, spray paint, and oil pastels, Tozzoli births many striking impressionist scenes, where portraiture meets symbolism, and cubism meets color. Also experimenting with wall enamels and collage, Tozzoli plays confidently with the many niches and methods of expression.

"Evocazine" by Emanuele Tozzoli, mixed media on panel, 2018

Tozzoli describes his artistic process as a very instinctual and organic experience. “My working method is instinctive and visceral. I often notice that I have finished the painting only at the end.” His rationality is abandoned as he makes connections with his primitive eye and allows himself to enter the flow. He hopes that his works can “inspire and give feelings of freedom to those who look at them.”

"Juliet" by Emanuele Tozzoli, mixed media on panel, 2018

His colorful and conceptual, often whimsically fragmented and faded works enable the viewer complete freedom and depth of perception to interpret and muse, his non-prescriptive style, and aura leave much to the interpretation of the individual. For Tozzoli, art is an “instrument of awareness and indispensable knowledge”, whereby he can communicate and compose freely through unfiltered emotion, rooted deeply in his primeval artistic flow. A sense of the sacred or ancient is brought forward in Emanuele Tozzoli’s method and works, he seems to tap into something quite otherworldly and spiritual in his organic practice, giving light to such rare and liberated visual evidence of a mind in complete dedication, passion, and oneness.

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You can view more work by Emanuele on his Instagram.

Article written by Kate Smith

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