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Peyton Fulford: Narrative Photography of Intimate, Raw and Vulnerable World

Artistic Background

Peyton Fulford is a 24-year-old photographer currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her BFA with Honors in Photography from Columbus State University in 2017, graduating Cum Laude. Her CV is impressive, to say the least with her work capturing the attention of top women’s magazines such as Vogue Italia; Elle Brasil & Elle France as well as Cosmopolitan Magazine. Her main emphasis is on narrative photography which focuses on youth subcultures within the southern regions of the US.

Peyton Fulford - Infinite Tenderness ,minus37 (27)
Peyton Fulford - Infinite Tenderness series

Abandoned Love

Peyton has a distinct and fearless approach to her photographic series; many of which have been showcased worldwide in both group and solo exhibitions. Her first series, Abandoned Love, evolved through people responding to her request to share their darkest, most candid truthful confessions of brokenness from lost love. The results were incredibly frank and stirred up the deepest emotions one can feel when exploring one of our strongest emotions – love.

Peyton Fulford - AFROPUNK for i-D, minus37 (2)
Peyton Fulford - AFROPUNK for i-D

Peyton Fulford’s Oeuvre

There is a certain type of personalization in her images that speak a universal language. It is Fulford’s ability to parade private feelings and thoughts in an almost adult fairytale manner that creates a type of mysterious longing for romance. Her hope was that in bringing her own private moments of unrequited love to life and sharing it with the world, it would help make it an acceptable reality. She uses social media as her ‘muse’, in that she reaches out to her followers from around the world to draw from their personal struggles and experiences, making her a true millennial photographer. Peyton captures the crossed boundaries of love, the endless struggle of finding our identity in those we fall in love with and our inability to settle for nothing less than true ‘agape’ love.

All images copyright of Peyton Fulford.

You can view more work by Peyton Fulford her Website and Instagram.

Article written by Angelina Angileri





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