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Jessica Swan: The Calming Nature of Confident Abstracts

Strong and Unpredictable

Jessica Swan is an abstract artist who paints using a vibrant palette of acrylics ranging from pastel pinks to tranquil blues, showcasing the seas and the skies. It all started for her two years back when she painted a wall in her dining hall all black. She wanted a piece of art which she couldn’t find. Ultimately, she painted one for herself by herself.

"Within" by Jess Swan, acrylic on canvas, 2018

“I went down to the art shop, purchased the biggest canvas I could find (48 x 48″) and started. I didn’t know “proper” techniques, I didn’t watch any YouTube videos, I was in complete ignorant bliss and there were no rules. For me, play and experimentation is the only way to learn and develop one’s own unique style.’’

"Moonlit Tide" by Jess Swan, acrylic on canvas, 2018

Born in 1983 in Perth, Western Australia, she still resides there with her family. Since a young age, Jess gravitated towards Art, English, and Architecture. With a degree in Interior Design from TAFE Institute and no formal education in fine arts, for a long time she worked as an interior designer decorating multiple homes. Now, multiple homes are decorated with her artwork.

"Touch the Sky" by Jess Swan, acrylic on canvas, 2018
Untitled Painting by Jess Swan, acrylic on canvas, 2018

Within two years after starting painting, Jessica reached over 142K+ followers on Instagram. She regularly shares her work, the process of creating, and speed-paint videos of herself. Along with her talent, this exposure and support from her followers is the reason why Swan is a successful artist.

“Instagram has been imperative to my artistic success. It has exposed my art to a worldwide market and opened doors to opportunities I never could have imagined myself doing 2 short years ago.”

"Ocean" Series by Jess Swan, acrylic on canvas, 2018

Poetic Abstracts and Dreamy Hues

Jessica’s work is like a diary that reflects her mood. She is a firm believer of instant magic and rarely plans her artwork, and this unpredictability in her compositions makes the artworks even more intriguing.

"Atmosphere" by Jess Swan, acrylic on canvas, 2018

“My work is an extension of my soul. What you see on the canvas came from deep inside, I often have few words for it, it is simply self-expression through color and form. I feel a deep connection to the earth through the ocean and to the universe through the sky. Both are strong and unpredictable yet calming. They mystify me and so I am drawn to painting my interpretation of their hypnotizing magic.”

"Midnight Over Mountains" by Jess Swan, acrylic, ink, salt, spray paint on canvas, 2018

Swan’s abstracts are effortless and serene, transporting the viewer to an otherworldly realm, diving deep into the oceans and transcending beyond the space. They carry both fluidity and stillness and are therapeutic to look at. Jessica’s main goal is to share the positive emotions her paintings evoke. She spills, splatters and splays paint on canvas not just for the love she has for herself and her passion for art, but to share the love with everyone.

All images copyright of Jessica Swan

You can view more work by Jess on her Instagram.

Article written by Abeer Ather Khan

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