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Smaranda Buc: The Psycho Kitsch in All of Us

Psycho Kitsch

Smaranda Buc’s MA collection Psycho Kitsch is inspired by the criminal mind as well as the dark and dreamy world of cinematic works such as “The Neon Demon,” and “Drive.”

Buc, 24, currently lives in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her artistic journey started in high school where she studied at an architecture profile but it was only once she was accepted into the University of Arts and Design of Cluj-Napoc, that her foray into fashion truly began.

The Most Dangerous Game

For Psycho Kitsch, Buc did thorough research into psychopaths, serial killers, and other shocking true crime cases. Quite a departure from her reinterpretation of tennis equipment for her first collection “The White Sport.”

The Mask of Sanity

At first glance, the high shine of Psycho Kitsch seems innocuous but if you take a closer look,  there is something much darker. The masks covering the model’s faces are a nod to Hannibal Lecter in the film “The Silence of the Lambs.” Glitter or ‘kitsch’ represents the glib, superficial charm of serial killers and contrasts directly with their inner depravity while the ribbons, worn as scarves and belts, are crime newspaper printed. They also symbolize the tie between fashion design and criminal psychology; both are about exploring what makes someone special or different.

Buc’s collection transforms the serial killer into a fantasy, as opposed to the more literal interpretation of McQueen’s 1992 MA collection “Jack The Ripper Stalks His Victims.” As an ensemble, the clothes are a statement-making but you can also rock one of the separates if you’re looking to inject a little less glitter.

With plans of opening up an online shop and a recent editorial feature in Cosmopolitan Romania, Smaranda Buc is well on her way to proliferating her minimalist, versatile, and sporty aesthetic for both men and women.
Smaranda Buc, 2018

You can view more of  Smaranda Buc’s work on Not Just A Label and Instagram.

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