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Chrissy Angliker: Beauty and Detail of Abstract Acrylics

Controlled Chaos

Chrissy Angliker is a Swiss/American artist, living in Brooklyn whose prominence in the realms of fine art is growing by the day. She moved away from the country she grew up in, Switzerland, to Boston at the tender age of 16, to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. Before that, she had studied with the late Russian artist Juri Borodatchev and reinforced her artistic desires.

"Two Feathers" by Chrissy Angliker, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Her work walks the line between intricate, detailed, emotionally raw paintings and abstract expressionism. Her thick, bold use of paints creates pieces that challenge your perception of reality. Up close her paintings look like a mess of abstract brush strokes and colors, but by taking a step back, you see the full picture and the order blossoming from the chaos. Her paintings, although often simplistic, invoke feelings of inexplicable resonance. As she says herself,

“My desire is that the viewer should be able to see the paint separately, like the microscopic cells from which an image gets created.”

"Going Deep" by Chrissy Angliker, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Nature of Design

Themes of nature, bodies, and relationships flow throughout her work, but there is the clear influence of her design background. Once Chrissy had graduated from the prestigious boarding school Walnut Hill, she went on to study industrial design at the Pratt Institute after being encouraged by her parents to study something more practical. After working and studying as a designer for many years, she came back to painting, and her work shows it. Her pieces, although abstract and chaotic-looking at first, upon closer look, show careful consideration and beauty.

"Shara" by Chrissy Angliker, acrylic on canvas, 2017

“Being an artist in a modern society might not mean accumulating wealth, but surely power.”

Chrissy describes her work in the studio as an emotional release, saying “I fill up with emotions pretty quickly. I have to release those emotions and the most effective way is by releasing them into paintings”, and this translates. Anyone who looks at her paintings cannot deny their raw emotion, even though the setting of the scene doesn’t always suggest it.

"Float" by Chrissy Angliker, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Thus far in her career as an artist, Chrissy has found abundance and success through her work, releasing a book, and showing her art across the world. It’s a testament to her skill and love for her craft that even after many years away from painting, she is producing incredible works that are instantly recognizable as her own. She describes the artistic process as a form of rebellion, and as she puts it “being an artist in a modern society might not mean accumulating wealth, but surely power.”

All images copyright of Chrissy Angliker.

You can view more work by Chrissy Angliker on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Liberty Stembridge

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