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Ina Jang: Dreamy and Minimal Juxtapose Photography

Juxtapose Photography by Ina Jang

New York-based photographer Ina Jang graduated from the School of Visual Arts, NY in 2010, and this 36-year-old seems to be an unstoppable force. She first realized that photography was an interest while in Tokyo with her sister; taking pictures of her sibling became somewhat of an obsession for her admits Jang and this led to every day being consumed by photography. She made the decision to move to New York and study photography.

Ina Jang - 2pm, 2014
Ina Jang - 2pm, 2014

Two-Dimensional Effect

It’s a juxtapose that Jang intentionally sets out to discard information through her two-dimensional minimalistic imagery layers. Ina describes her work as a mixture of sculpture, performance art, graphic design, and some clothing design – it a description she uses humbly. But she is most intrigued by how flat photography is and this is what made her choose her layering of things, places, and people to create a two-dimensional effect in her images.

What is most bewildering about Jang’s work is the intentional lack of specific information, such as the hidden identity of all her models. The reason for this that she wants to leave as much to the viewers’ discretion as possible. In essence, there is a precise art to what she does and perhaps the fact that she says that photography is a means of expressing things that spoken word cannot express that actually sums it up.

Ina Jang - Madonna - Radiator Theatre, 2018
Ina Jang - Madonna - Radiator Theatre, 2018
Ina Jang - Nan - Radiator Theatre, 2018
Ina Jang - Nan - Radiator Theatre, 2018

Photographic Process

Her photographic process starts with a sketch or drawing of what she wants to create and this is the first essential step in any part of her imagery. Her palette choices add to infinite ways in which her photographic portraits can be interpreted. What really inspires Ina is the different views that one single painting can evoke in different people and this is what she aims to achieve through her poetically playful moments that she captures.

All images copyright of Ina Jang

You can view more work by Ina Jang her Instagram and Website.

Article written by Angelina Angileri




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