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Efi Gousi: Intriguing Work by Photographer and Art Director

More Than a Photographer

     A Greek photographer, an actress and a creative director, Efi Gousi has a unique way of portraying her works of photography with subtle shades. She was born in Thessaloniki in 1984 and graduated from the National Theatre of Northern Greece – Drama school in 2008. Since then, she has been traveling around the globe and capturing dramatic elements of art and objects. Unlike most of the photographers in the post-modern era, she expresses the feelings of joy, sadness and rage through light colors, which accentuates the authenticity of her artwork. As a director, she has an art of capturing the dramatic emotions, which could be portrayed in her photography as well. Her four years of experience in photography has made her popular in the field of fashion and art magazines. Her work cannot be recognized as an “abstract” because it mainly deals with human emotions in varied situations with enhanced colors and plain background.

Efi Gousi - Lotte, minus37
Efi Gousi - Lotte

Highlights of Efi Gousi’s Photography

Fascinatingly, you would probably be interested in the object itself than the background, as the latter is preferred plain with subtle shades of blue, pink and white. Also, she primarily features women, who are believed to be an epitome of human emotions, and she aims to portray them at her best. One of my personal favorites is her May 2018 collection, which had a unique theme altogether. Unlike most of her previous works, her May 2018 collection had bright and visually appealing background settings and fewer portrayal of female expressions. Only a few of them held human features, but they looked away from the camera and were not the only objects to focus upon. This highlighted the abstractness in her shots, which was great and appreciated.

Efi Gousi - Poppy Series, minus37com
Efi Gousi - Poppy

Women’s Emotions as Strong Aspect of Her Work

Another great thing is the way she portrays women in her shots. The human emotions are strongly represented through their eyes, which is the most appealing aspect of their expressions. Their make-up is evidently highlighted to make them look feminine and reflect how they carry their femininity or the intensity of the situation they are going through. A very few of her old collections had men, but they have been portrayed less with back or side or black and white shots with fewer intent to focus on their expressions. If you have a knack for photography, you would be surprised to see how she experiments with her focus on objects and how they seem blatantly relatable and honest to the viewers.

All images copyright of Efi Gousi.

You can view more work by Efi Gousi on her Website and Instagram.

Article written by Sonal Chanana

Efi Gousi - Poppy Series 1, minus37
Efi Gousi - Poppy Series, minus37
Efi Gousi - Poppy Series 2, minus37
Efi Gousi - Poppy 4, minus37
Efi Gousi - Esthe Series 1, minus37
Efi Gousi - Esthe Series, minus37com
Efi Gousi - Spectacle Series, minus37com
Efi Gousi - Spectacle Series, minus37
Efi Gousi - L'Orfeo , minus37com
Efi Gousi - L'Orfeo Series, minus37com
Efi Gousi - Feli and Matilda, minus37
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