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Noell Oszvald: Surreal Self-Portraits by Visual Artist

The Story Behind Noell Oszvald’s Photography

Hungarian born artist, 28-year-old, Noell Oszvald resides and works in Budapest. It is hard to believe that this visual artist is self-taught. About five years ago she began creating photo montages and digital paintings which ultimately led to her to photography. Although she refuses the label of a photographer, she uses the camera as a medium to portray and channel her emotions. Noell’s images are devoid of any color as she likes to stip them down to their bare essence, resulting in a subtle complexity of evoking emotions of isolated melancholy.

Surreal Self-portraits by Noell Oszvald, minus37 (8)
Noell Oszvald - Untitled, Self-portrait

Black and White Self-Portraits

Oszvald fuses her subject into exact linear lines, separating it from all hierarchy inside its elements. The result is a sobering sense of feelings portrayed within an almost square format. She refers to her work as reflections of who she is; even though she keeps all facial features obscured. The contrasts which are displayed within her work merges the surroundings with an overpowering sensitivity which draws one into an eerie calmness.

The delicate perfection of  Noell’s portrayal of a complex self, through perfectly controlled content, speaks volumes of the depth of this precocious artistic photographer. When asked about her artistic choices, she reveals that she prefers to reduce her images to content, composition, and forms in order to take away any distractions that may affect its appearance.

Crossing the Boundaries

Her haunting pictures evoke mixed emotions, explaining that the artist only gives her images a title and no description because she wants each person to find their own meaning within her images. She is a conceptual photographer who crosses the artistic boundary by allowing everyone the freedom to work through their own thoughts without forcing her own expressions onto the viewer.  Noell Oszvald’s photographic artistry will continue to captivate her audience for years to come.

All images copyright of Noell Oszvald.

You can view more work by Noell Oszvald her Website and Instagram.

Article written by Angelina Angileri




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