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Lemos & Lehmann: Two Captains One Ship

Artistic Duo – Pat Lemos and Lukas Lehmann

On their own Lemos & Lehmann are both multi-talented and multi-disciplined photographers in their own right, but it is the open and frank combination of documenting their relationship that creates a stir in our thought process. Pat is of Spanish descent while Lukas was born in Germany. Both have an interest in analog photography and the combined visual images that they capture are always in the moment!

Lemos and Lehmann - Rasa series

Life Behind the Camera

Pat and Lukas just have a perfect sense of consideration towards the complex yet familiarity of being in love and in turn being in each others company. They showcase their everyday life with absolute normality as if it is not unique in any way – this could not be further from the truth!

Their visual artistry is a combination of expertly staged photographs and others are simply perchance. But the naked beauty of their raw and tantalizing capture of each other as subjects add to the overall intrigue of their presented work. Photographic images that deserve a double take and then make you scroll back to see if your eyes were perhaps deceiving you. 

Lemos and Lehmann - The light behind series

The Light Behind

Their on-going project ‘The light behind’ illuminates their private relationship and intimacy which the photographers believe will have viewer see themselves in it and be able to universally connect with the feelings that their photographs portray. Documented over a period of 12 months one sees the emotional connection that is shared and you almost feel as if it could be a story you are part of. They allow us to ride the tidal wave of their intimate moments and in turn share a basic human connection of two like-minded souls.

Lemos & Lehmann have one desire – the drive to capture the world around them in a three-prismed vision: The Body, Time and The Environment.

All images copyright of Lemos & Lehmann.

You can view more work by Lemos & Lehmann his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Angelina Angileri




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