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Rob Woodcox: Socially Engaged and Surreal Images

Surreal Photography by Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox is a fashion and fine art conceptual photographer born in Houston and raised in Detroit. He is famous for creating surreal portraits and scenes that represent the conceptualization of dreams and reality. The photographer’s aesthetic is not the only thing that stands out. He is an enthusiastic and socially engaged artist.

Rob Woodox - Dunes Tree, Coneptual series, minus37
Rob Woodox - Dunes Tree, Coneptual series
Rob Woodox - LA Dancers, Coneptual series, minus37
Rob Woodox - LA Dancers, Coneptual series

Conceptual Images About Reality, Dreams and Memories

Rob Woodcox is a young conceptual portrait photographer who currently spent time between New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City creating incredible photo-stories.

I’m a vagabond spirit and love creating vivid stories sewn by the threads of reality, memory, and dream.

The photographer draws inspiration for his project from the moments of the everyday situations – unbelievable and real scenes that happened in real life. Rob’s projects are socially engaged and support those individuals who need help. The photographer raised awareness about foster system and adoption, queer identity and rights and ethnic diversity.

Rob Woodox - Masyn II, Interconnectivity series, minus37
Rob Woodox - Masyn, Interconnectivity series

Stories Worth Telling

His project, “Stories Worth Telling“, started at the beginning of 2013. The project aimed to tell the stories about foster children and their emotions during the process of adoption. The project was the photographer’s personal testimonial – he also went through the process of adoption as a child. For this reason, photos show real lives and personal memories but represented with the dose of imagination. Rob’s idea is to tell a story to others and in this way to connect with the people to spread the ideas of equality and affect positively on humanity.


All images copyright of Rob Woodcox.

You can view more work by Rob Woodcox his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Danica Jovic





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