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Beatriz Elorza: “I Chose Architecture, And Life Chose Art For Me”

The Journey of an Architect

Young artist Beatriz Elorza took the world’s art scene by storm with her abstract works bursting with vivid colors. Floral motifs and themes of nature are recurrent in her paintings and, along with confident brushwork and signature palette, become the recognized features of Elorza’s work.

"Aix-En-Provence" by Beatriz Elorza, mixed media on canvas, 2016

Born in Santander, Spain, to a family of an engineer, artist, and interior designer, Beatriz knew she wanted to follow their lead and become an architect since she was ten. Throughout most of her childhood, the young artist spent her time “drawing houses and designing floor plans with the sand on the beach”. It was also at that time that she started paying attention to colors, the way they interact, and how they affect the viewer.

"Anabasis" by Beatriz Elorza, mixed media on paper

She studied Architecture in Madrid and went on to work as an architect for several years upon graduation. While working, Beatriz realized that she spent more time with the paperwork than on the actual creative process – a realization that paved the way for her as an artist.

After losing her job, she took the opportunity to study Art in The Art Students League in New York, a place where she honed her skills and found enough opportunities to pursue career in the arts.

"And Middleton" by Beatriz Elorza, mixed media on paper, 2017
"Henrietta" by Beatriz Elorza, mixed media on paper, 2017

Order and Chaos

Experimenting with media and tools, Beatriz started exploring the complexity of her voice as an artist: the portrayal of life movements, avoidance of boundaries and straight lines, the balanced chaos of a finished piece. Surrounded by the chaos of living in New York City and growing stability in her personal life allowed Elorza’s paintings to breath and mature.

"Palmeras En La Nieve" by Beatriz Elorza, mixed media on canvas

“I’ve been developing my process of painting and getting more expertise with my own moves with the brush, perhaps losing naivety but having more clarity on the mind of what I want from my painting. And they have become more balanced, just like my personal life did.”

"Zen" by Beatriz Elorza, mixed media on paper

As opposed to meticulous planning and careful preparation, Beatriz prefers spontaneity and spur-of-a-moment decisions when she works on a new piece allowing her unconsciousness to lead the process. She says, “The painting is an emotional response to that moment when I’m painting.” She usually mixes 3-4 colors right on the canvas welcoming the surprising inspiring effect they create which spurs the artist to carry on.

"French Cinderella" by Beatriz Elorza, mixed media on canvas, 2014-2017

Beatriz Elorza’s art showcases unexpected fluidity, naturalness, and freshness of bold brushstrokes in mesmerizing palettes – a fleeting and everlasting quality which is a trademark of Elorza’s abstracts. Throughout the lifetime of fascination with architecture as an art form and ways to enhance the space around, Beatriz creates pieces that one would want to look at consistently and never cease to be amazed.

All images copyright of Beatriz Elorza

You can view more work by Beatriz on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Natalie Kotok

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