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Franco “JAZ” Fasoli: Political and Emotional Vocabulary of a Latin American

Politically Suggestive

Franco Fasoli is an Argentinian multimedia artist who creates surreal and thought-provoking works across a wide range of mediums, ranging from color and culture rich collages to bronze and polystyrene fusion sculptures. All of his works carry the weight of introspection and are laced with the political suggestion, with running themes of Argentinian culture fused with global and sub-cultures in opposition.

"Identity" by Franco Fasoli, oil on canvas, 2013

Born into a family of artists, Franco was surrounded and influenced by the bustle of creativity and went on to study art at the National Ceramic School, as well as scenography at the Institute of Arts. Franco was fascinated with the graffiti subculture and the 90’s hip-hop scene, which paved the route to his truly unique and powerful visual prose, and understandably, educated Fasoli on the voice of the people, which is so profoundly symbolized in his many works.

"Mutation" by Franco Fasoli, collage on canvas, 2015

Right Vs Real

Using traditional Latin-American colors and bold cartoonised stylization, Franco uses intelligent and sometimes discomforting juxtaposition to unsettle the viewer’s perception of reality, calling upon a human sense of what is right and what is real. Fasoli’s sculptures use the same juxtaposition, for example, fusing the form of a man and bull into one physical body to disorientate and intrigue one’s sense of dimension.

"Pantalon" by Franco Fasoli, bronze and fabric, 2016

Exploring his identity as a Latin American creator is an integral part of Franco’s artistic plight and process. He is passionate about both contemporary and underground art scenes; he values the words of urban thinkers and graffiti artists, along with attending seminars surrounding contemporary thinking. It is clear that Fasoli endeavors to hear the whole story, from the whole collective, and in doing so creates a richly varied political and emotional vocabulary to inspire his works.

"Pretense of Greatness" by Franco Fasoli, collage on canvas, 2016

Franco finds a great pleasure in traveling and meeting people all over the world, the rest, he states, “is just a big mess”. It seems philosophy and cultural education come together to form a uniquely political and resonate set of works in Fasoli’s varied portfolio, his range of skills and opportunities make him a very valuable voice in the artistic world, accessible to many eyes and tastes, all with the same flavor of message and suggestion.

All images copyright of Franco Fasoli

You can view more work by Franco on his Instagram and website.

Article written by Kate Smith

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