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Vickie Vainionpää: Fueling Art With 3D Technology

Refined Technology

The current technological era has provided a lot of opportunities to the world at both small and large scales. Countless unique possibilities were presented to inspire and develop the creative process; artists can now more easily approach art with the hints of 3D technology. A Canadian artist Vickie Vainionpää has put quite an effort into creating a painting that has touches of 3D technology without forsaking human creativity, exploring the impact of technology on contemporary life and art world.

"Soft Body Dynamics 2" by Vickie Vainionpää, oil on canvas, 2017

Vickie’s parents have made a huge impact on her artistic abilities by constantly supporting and encouraging her to be creative from a very young age, surrounding her with various artistic tools. She went on to receive a BA in Studio Specialization from the University of Waterloo where she graduated with Dean’s Honors in 2015. During her study time, Vickie spent most of her time painting and working on projects outside the classroom finding the academic process limiting and frustrating.

"Soft Body Dynamics 9" by Vickie Vainionpää, oil on canvas, 2018

“That work outside the classroom was extremely spiritual and very personal. I was interested (and still am) in the links between science, spirituality, and art. These ideas are still what fuels my practice today. I’m trying to find new ways of expressing the same fundamental curiosities about life, connectedness, and technology.”

"Soft Body Dynamics" by Vickie Vainionpää, oil on canvas, 2017

Digital Sublime

Vickie’s main body of work concentrates heavily on the intricacies of living in a technologically-advanced world and embracing its advantages and opportunities. She models her future artworks using a 3D modeling software playing around with various tools and features, allowing the digital ‘mind’ to take off. The end result is a combined effort of Vickie’s mind and computer’s input. She then renders the model in oil on canvas.

"Soft Body Dynamics 10" by Vickie Vainionpää, oil on canvas, 2018

“I love experimenting with technology and discovering how I can use the digital in my process of painting. This is what led me to my ongoing Soft Body Dynamics series, playing around with 3D modeling software to build forms and compositions in the space of the screen.”

"Soft Body Dynamics 3" by Vickie Vainionpää, oil on canvas, 2017

One of her other passions is writing which helps her make sense of the visual aspects of her paintings. After graduation, she started to write about the ‘Digital Sublime’ — the feeling of awe and terror surrounding our technological world. “I think a lot about human/machine creativity and how the act of painting might have a place in our new digital reality.”

"Soft Body Dynamics 7" by Vickie Vainionpää, oil on canvas, 2018

Vickie Vainionpää is inspired by the technological and digital world and its relation to art. While so many express fear of the unknown that technology brings, Vickie fully embraces the opportunities it presents. She’s optimistic about for the future of technology and its effect on her creative process, believing that it’s a “catalyst for positive change, transformation, and maybe even some form of enlightenment.”

All images copyright of Vickie Vainionpää

You can view more work by Vickie on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Aisha Bashir and Natalie Kotok

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