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Anna Roberts: Humble Possessions and Serene Simplicity

Filtered Realism

Anna Roberts, a Yorkshire based hyperrealism master, captures photographic beauty in the overlooked everyday. From the iridescent reflection of light through a finely cut crystal glass to a humble crinkled bag of fresh oranges, Anna transforms the seemingly humble household objects or scenes into an informed appreciation of the merit and charm in the simplest things creating thoroughly nostalgic pieces.

"Oranges" by Anna Roberts, pastel on cotton paper

“I like to focus on the quiet things that I feel deserve attention.”

Her eye for magic in the seemingly mundane inspires viewers to cast a fresh perspective upon the objects that do not demand appreciation but certainly deserve it.

"Street Palm" by Anna Roberts, pastel on cotton paper

Anna describes her artistic style as “filtered realism” with its soft pastel hues on cotton paper. The attention to photo references allows Anna to create a gorgeously natural play of light and shadow. “I’m just letting things unravel naturally.”

"Forget-Me-Nots" by Anna Roberts, pastel on cotton paper
"Yucca" by Anna Roberts, pastel on cotton paper

Retro Magic

Anna’s work holds a retro feel, perhaps the aura of an old-fashioned photograph or advert, alerting viewers to an old world appreciation of humble possessions and serene simplicity. Anna states that her work is a testament to the skill of “really looking” at the world around her. Her ethos certainly carries a weighted reminder that looking may not always mean ‘seeing’. Anna’s eye makes a showcase out of the glistening hair in the sunlight, or a boy sipping a soda as he thoughtfully muses at his table – scenes that do not shout loudly at the viewer but invite them to look inwards at the intrinsic value of beautiful simplicity.

"Soap" by Anna Roberts, pastel on cotton paper

Anna Roberts’ uniquely keen gaze and focus have awarded her with features in the American Chordata and commissions from The Independent and Veuve Clicquot. Her artwork is revered and sold worldwide, bringing a humbling beauty to many rooms and mantles.

"Turkish Bath" by Anna Roberts, pastel on cotton paper

Anna claims that her inspiration grew from watching her father, a realist illustrator, produce his work. His eye for detail and the beauty in realism was clearly passed on, bestowing Anna with a unique gift to not only recreate but bless objects with the value of her celebratory perspective.

All images copyright of Anna Roberts

You can view more work by Anna on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Kate Smith

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