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David De Rueda: The Photography Journey

Exploration of the World

A few very photographers discover their passion for photography out of curiosity to know the hidden meanings behind certain visible objects. They treasure the fact that how discovering those latent objects or meanings answer their questions. One of those few is the French photographer David De Rueda, who believes that exploring new places and hidden parts of the world are similar to the life of Indiana Jones, which gives meaning to his life. Personally, it is fascinating to see such photographers because they are never satisfied with their discoveries, and are always motivated to know more than what they peruse. He started off his exploratory journey in France and other neighboring countries, and after a point of time, he gathered the courage to move out of his comfort zone and travel the world with his companion, Nikon.

David De Rueda - Expectations, minus37
David De Rueda - Expectations

David De Rueda’s Photography Style

Fascinatingly, he doesn’t follow a particular theme of capturing the world he sees. As much as he would highlight the dark labyrinth of battleships, he would also represent the golden shade of sunset resting in peace at the peak of the dawn. Most of his collections have a visually dark background and focuses on a meaningful scene, such as a steam factory, windows through Room 207, a man jumping at the inception etc. It is amazing to observe how he has provided the theme of every image in one word, while some of them are adjectives or emotions, which I feel, makes the viewer dive deep into the world of the photographer.

David De Rueda - Gold Velvet, minus37
David De Rueda - Gold Velvet

Highlights and Shadows

One of the interesting elements in his work is how he has represented a crescendo of shades in his shots. The vivid pattern of light to dark colors is not only soothing but also makes you imagine the reality of the situation or the place he has captured. Every color has a subtle meaning, and every bright shade adds a tinge of light in the image, which makes the view seem authentic and picturesque. Every shot inculcates great play of highlights and shadows, which provides a philosophical theme to them, in every way possible. He has captured simple things appreciated by people in their daily lives, but the best part about his images is that he has highlighted the depth of shades in each one of them.

All images copyright of David De Rueda.

You can view more work by David De Rueda on his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Sonnal Chanana

David De Rueda - Indiana, minus37
David De Rueda - I envol, minus37
David De Rueda - Another World
David De Rueda - Glass House, minus37
David De Rueda - Guersant 15, minus37
David De Rueda - Guersant 16, minus37
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