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Sean Flood: Bustling Cityscapes in Vibrant Oils

Structure and Chaos

Born in 1982, as a child Sean Flood could find himself drawn to art. While it wasn’t directly present in his life, mediums like music and architecture captured his attention from an early age. Doodling various scenery and characters became a passion of his. At the age of 9, he showcased some of his cartoons and caricatures at a local theater, which gathered necessary positive feedback and encouragement to continue his creative pursuits.

"Dino's Corner" by Sean Flood, oil on canvas, 2011

As a young man, Sean Food enrolled in the College of Art and Design, formerly the Art Institute of Boston, where he honed the technical skills by painting figure, portraits, and still life. Upon graduation, Sean took art to the streets, and for several years he was a graffiti artist in Boston. Now, Sean takes the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of the streets back to his studio and translates it on to his canvas through oil painting.

"A Time Square" by Sean Flood, oil on canvas, 2015

Although, at first glance the cityscapes remind watercolors paintings, this is only the seal and style that Sean Flood has in his art. With thick strokes over large formats, Sean works fast to portray the architecture of buildings, as well as translate the atmosphere of large cities onto the two-dimensional canvas.

"East Street" by Sean Flood, oil on canvas, 2009
"E27th" by Sean Flood, oil on canvas, 2015

Sean affirms that his main sources of inspiration are sound and movement, and these are the two elements that he transmits with his paintings. Unexpected fluidity of music and sound meets structure of construction and architecture on  his canvas. Sean manages to capture through solid colors and thin lines the order of the chaos of a congested city, and, at the same time, portray the daily routine of life developing organically.

"South Station" by Sean Flood, oil on canvas, 2010

If Sean Flood’s art has to be described with one word, that would be vibrant. The color palettes Sean uses in most of his paintings are a great reminiscent of bricks and concrete, typical elements of any city. However, the use of strong perspectives in composition and an excellent, almost photographic, portraying of light generates an illusion of movement, an atmospheric precision where the frame of the painting is lost and becomes the edge of the spectator’s vision, submerging them in the life of the city.

All images copyright of Sean Flood.

You can view more work by Sean on his Instagram and website.

Article written by Anamaria Aguirre Chourio

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