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Chloe Amy Avery: Food Embroideries with a Side of Nostalgia

Unusual Embroidery

Our senses are the means by which we interpret the world and therefore, generate our individual conception of the universe. Many times the perception is so ephemeral and difficult to describe to perfection that the sensation that they produce is diluted with the passage of time. Contrary to this, Chloe Amy Avery, after moving for several years with her husband and children through Europe, noticed that one of the things she most missed was the flavors of her native London.

"Fish and Chips" Embroidery by Chloe Amy Avery

Raised in a house without television where she was always motivated to be creative, an environment that led her to study Fashion design with a specialization in textiles, Chloe Amy currently expresses her creativity through her two great passions: food and threads.

"Scone with Jam and Cream" Embroidery by Chloe Amy Avery
"Tunnock's Tea Cake" Embroidery by Chloe Amy Avery

“I want the viewer to presume they know what they are looking at until they are drawn closer to discover that it’s actually not what they thought.”

"Full English Breakfast" Embroidery by Chloe Amy Avery

With a style reminiscent of Andy Warhol‘s pop art mixed with a hyperrealistic impressionistic aesthetics generate a very unusual visual effect, where the precision of the marks of the packaged products or the dishes she portrays evoke a slightly naïve stroke that gives them a dreamy character.

"Egg, Bacon and Ketchup Roll" Embroidery by Chloe Amy Avery
"Hot Dog" Embroidery by Chloe Amy Avery

Edible Nostalgia

Each piece of Chloe Amy has at least one story behind it; it is not only memories and nostalgia for the tastes and sensations of her homeland but also connections she made along the way. Chloe has met people of diverse cultures with whom the connection and empathy began through sharing the local and native food of each region they come.

"Biscuits" Embroidery by Chloe Amy Avery
"Pain Au Chocolat" Embroidery by Chloe Amy Avery

“I want people to think about other people and how we are all different. My food embroideries will not mean the same to all viewers depending on their background, nationality, and culture!”

"M&Ms" Embroidery by Chloe Amy Avery

The pieces of Avery are not usually made up of elaborate dishes, but rather mass-produced foods that often connect with the palate of our inner child: ice cream, chips, snacks and processed foods or the local meals of the day to day; meals that we tend to overlook their insignificance but that Chloe Amy recognizes through nostalgia and absence and gives them their well-deserved pedestal, giving something as ephemeral and edible a lasting peace in space and time through her embroidery.

All images copyright of Chloe Amy Avery

You can view more work by Chloe Amy on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Anamaria Aguirre Chourio

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