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Hilarius Jason Pratana: Conceptual Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photography by Hilarius Jason Pratana

Hilarius Jason Pratana was born in 1993  in Jakarta where he spent his childhood. As he was interested in visual communication, Jason decided to enroll at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and chose to study Communication Design. But, the young and curious student realized that his real wish is to start with professional photography work. After a year and a half at the Institute, Jason was back to Indonesia and began shooting. The photographer is famous for his fashion and commercial images. A new approach to the subjects in his work means using interesting solutions in the visual representation of the models revealing the photographer’s thoughts of the imaginable and absurd.

Conceptual Fashion Photography by Hilarius Jason Pratana, minus37 (7)
Hilarius Jason Pratana - Travel , 2015, an editorial for Dewi Magazine, taking place in various diners in Jakarta

Exploring the Emotional World Through Photography

Hilarius Jason Pratana is a young visual and photography artist. The main source of inspiration Jason finds in human’s emotions. His agenda is to put face to face opposite human’s emotions or conditions such as happiness and sadness, excitement and fear. This “emotional experiment“, combined with “historical elements and satirical wit“, lets out constant photographer’s thoughts about the real and imaginary world.

Conceptual Fashion Photography by Hilarius Jason Pratana, minus37 (8)
Hilarius Jason Pratana - The Last Dance, 2016

Vivid and Enjoyable Oeuvre

Jason’s fashion editorials bring us a new perspective on the fashion industry. His work has a lot of fun and energy and, as the photographer claims, call us to enjoy fashion. He plays with subjects and composition working on creating vivid and interesting photos. Fashion and commercial editorials by Jason Pratana were published in many magazines showing artist’s talent and courage to combine diverse elements. He works for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia, Elle, Clara Indonesia, L’Officiel Indonesia, TOTO Indonesia, Nike South East Asia, and TOTON The Label.

All images copyright of Hilarius Jason Pratana

You can view more work by Hilarius Jason Pratana his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Danica Jovic



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