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AM DeBrincat: Sensual Fragmented Beauty

Identity and Expression

AM DeBrincat, a Maltese-American painter based in Brooklyn, combines sensually applied oil paints, transfer print and inspired layering to create color-rich and truly unique visuals with running themes of femininity, fashion, identity, and impressionism. DeBrincat creates a sumptuously fresh, fragmented and modern set of statement pieces, centered around our identity in the digital age. Her boldly intelligent marriage of analog and digital imagery alerts the reader as it satisfies both the traditional and contemporary eye whilst remaining rooted in deep suggestion.

"Indigo Cosmos" by AM DeBrincat, oil, acrylics, transfer print and gold leaf on canvas

After studying literature and art at the Universidad de Sevilla and the University of Oregon, DeBrincat has exhibited her works on an extensive scale, with her works being displayed in Mexico, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US. Her life has always been rooted in creativity; “I’ve always done art and made things, going back as far as I can remember. I grew up drawing and sculpting and making all sorts of weird craft projects”. A defining moment in DeBrincat’s artistic journey was defined by her discovery of oil paint.

"Sunhaze" by AM DeBrincat, oil, acrylics, transfer print and gold leaf on canvas

“I’ll never forget that first moment – it was a revelation. I remember thinking ‘this is the most amazing thing on earth, and I never want to stop doing this.’ – I still feel pretty much the same way.”

"Electric Dream" by AM DeBrincat, oil, acrylics, transfer print on canvas

AM draws inspiration from all around her in the bustling city of New York; “it’s such a vibrant, intense, visual city. Just walking down the street, I’ll see things that inspire me – graffiti, tags, murals, doodles, and textures that cover the surfaces of Brooklyn and Manhattan.” Even the diverse and rich range of creations such as tattoos, fashion choices on the subway, inspire her thought-provoking and gorgeously feminine imagery; “it all finds its’ way into my work in some form or another and influences what I do.

"Sky Mind" by AM DeBrincat, oil, acrylics, transfer print on canvas

Oil paint is DeBrincat’s undeniable “first and most intense love”, but the artist finds new value of combining it with other mediums; “like oil paint wants to be the star of the show, but surrounded by backup dancers.” She combines a range of skills with her traditional and trusty oils, and in doing so has found her “second love” – transfer printing. DeBrincat has a deep affection for the cold, grayscale images in “strange contrast with the rich, warm sensuality of oil paint.

"Sunshine" by AM DeBrincat, oil, acrylics, transfer print on canvas

“I love the way it allows me to introduce digital photography into the analog world of the canvas – it’s archival, but it’s also quick and dirty, kind of improvisational, and usually very imperfect. I love it.”

"Butterfly Bowtie" by AM DeBrincat, oil, acrylics, transfer print on canvas

Hoping that her work “is true to herself” and true to her “vision of the world”, AM DeBrincat doesn’t try to impose any other value and beliefs onto the viewers, letting go of the control of how people perceive her art. She seems at peace with putting her vision out there and letting nature take its course. She comments on the current state of the world sometimes seeming like an “ongoing dumpster fire of the current political, ecological, and social moment – it feels a bit overwhelming. It’s depressing and sometimes seems rather hopeless. But I have to feel that in these dark times, art and self-expression are more important than ever. The right of each of us to have our unique voice heard is crucial. And for me, I make my voice heard through my art.

All images copyright of AM DeBrincat

You can view more work by AM on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Kate Smith

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