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Pauline Martinet & Zoé Texereau: Divine Simplicity

Hyperrealistic Spaces

The modern world is in a constant rush: there is never enough time for an individual to stop all the noise and chaos of a modern lifestyle and just enjoy life fully experiencing its blessings of just being alive and breathing. French artist duo Martinet & Texereau dedicated their artistic talents to honor the simplicity of all the often overlooked everyday things.

"Garden 4" by Martinet & Texereau, graphite on paper, 2017
"Garden 5" by Martinet & Texereau, graphite on paper, 2017

Martinet & Texereau met at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and started working together in 2008. They were still students when they did their first collaboration. Started with a simple idea to draw together in large formats, without revealing their individual actions, they, unknowingly at the time, formed the basis of their joint work 12 years later.

"Garden 8" by Martinet & Texereau, graphite on paper, 2018

“We’ve always drawn, but when we were young it was in a very instinctive way like all kids do. Our meeting and collaboration helped us intellectualize our practice. Together we started to think about what we wanted to do and why.”

"Lounge Chairs" by Martinet & Texereau

Artist Duo at Work

Having to adjust their individual styles of drawing and create a new style which could accommodate the fact of drawing together, they chose a mechanical pencil as their preferred tool to work with. This simple tool was the key to a successful collaboration: with a mechanical pencil, the line – its thickness – is always the same, no matter who’s holding it.

“Working as a pair has really determined how things developed.”

"Siesta 6" by Martinet & Texereau, graphite on paper, 2016
"Siesta 3" by Martinet & Texereau, graphite on paper, 2016

With precise lines and angles, the artist duo creates poetry of the space within a grayscale drawing: sacred geometry with which they depict ordinary objects, makes the viewer meditate upon the simplicity. The elegant dance of light, volumes, and clear lines invokes a sense of nostalgia. The absence of a human subject forces the viewer to get pulled in the space, making them the part of its poetry.  Blessed with the opportunity to fill in the absence of an empty space within a drawing, the viewer is fully engaged in the present moment, experiencing the spirituality of meditatively observing the ordinary.

"Hall F" by Martinet & Texereau, graphite on paper, 2016

“We think that the amazing can be found in the details of the everyday, which we just have to learn to see. This is exactly what our work does for us, it teaches us to see beauty in ordinary things. We hope that maybe it could work like this for other people, too.”

All images copyright of Pauline Martinet & Zoé Texereau

You can view more work by Martinet & Texereau on their Instagram and website.

Article written by Katarina Petric

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