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Alexandra Bowman: A Passionate Illustrator and Her Fearless Characters

Girl Power

A young 27-year-old California native, Alexandra Bowman is a passionate artist famous for her unique graphic illustrations. She has been dedicated to paintings and creativity since early childhood constantly doodling and coloring in one of her sketchbooks. Her passion led to an education and degree in Graphic Design and Drawing in The Art Institute of Chicago. While studying, she knew that pursuing a career in arts was her calling and, upon graduation, she focused on making that dream come true.

Illustration by Alexandra Bowman
Illustration by Alexandra Bowman

Upon moving to the Bay Area, Alex found her first job as a print production artist, where she honed her skills and made valuable connections. The first freelance projects were coming from her immediate circle of friends, fellow musicians and bands, in exchange for beer and concert tickets. Soon enough, other people and small business owners started noticing Alexandra’s designs on posters and album covers. At the same time, Bowman was experimenting and challenging her process, developing her trademark style, and growing more confident as an artist.

Album Cover Illustration for "Babewatch" by Alexandra Bowman

“The balance of soft and strong creates a harmony that I’m drawn to.”

"Self Love" by Alexandra Bowman

The Future is Female

Finding her voice in digital illustration, Alexandra is still very open to exploring new mediums and processes. Her drawing process usually starts with various sketches of an image and ends with the addition of a lot of other elements that give life to the painting. Her works are a constant reflection of daily inspirations and life events.

Watercolor Illustrations by Alexandra Bowman

“My sketches aren’t an exact skeleton of my final illustrations. I often add elements, take things away, make interesting accidents, and go with the flow. A lot of my inspiration comes from my own life, conversations I have or topics I am interested in.”

"Shades of Blue" by Alexandra Bowman

Alexandra is clearly passionate about current social and political environment. She stresses, “I want others to feel represented, most specifically women of color.” Her work portrays and celebrates the women who are writers, artists, and leaders. Each and every artwork she has created focuses on the community and social movements that are related to females and their struggle.

"Take Back What's Ours" by Alexandra Bowman
"Welcome" by Alexandra Bowman

Struggling to balance a 9-to-5 job with freelance and personal projects, Alex finds her work rewarding in more ways than one. Taking someone else’s vision or idea and blending it with her own, the artist steps outside of her thoughts and experiences unusual events by living through someone else’s story. Alexandra continues to develop her technical skills and expanding her portfolio making a serious case for herself as an artist.

All images copyright of Alexandra Bowman

You can view more work by Alex on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Natalie Kotok and Aisha Bashir

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