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Rosie Sayers: Otherworldly Scenes in Vibrant Collages

Sweet Dreams

Rosie Sayers is a Graphic Design student at the Charles Sturt University in Australia where she combines striking digital work with hand-cut collaging as her medium of choice. The outcome is a vivid transportation to a magical dream-shaped land behind rose-colored lenses in the middle of a new otherworldly planet.

"As Above So Below" by Rosie Sayers, collage

Sayers credits her creative surroundings during childhood as her source of inspiration to embark on a journey to create her own colorful utopias. “With a full-time artist as a mother and a studio that was filled with every color and type of paint a young girl can dream of,” Sayers was living her dream from a young age as she absorbed her mother’s “vibrant Monet-like oil landscapes.

"Homeland" by Rosie Sayers, collage

These early memories set Sayers on a path of discovering her appreciation for the lack of limitations and juxtaposing textures and colors as a blend. However, it is also the use of feminine textures and colors found in her grandmother’s work that she draws inspiration from, which seeps through the work she creates. Her magical moonscapes unfold as a world of possibility and daydreams; it becomes an anthem of allowing one’s imagination to run completely wild.

"Moonscape" by Rosie Sayers, collage

“I draw inspiration from landscapes and emotions that surface in my dreams. I like to think the otherworldly landscapes I create reflect what the astral planes may look like.”

"Off On Another Planet" by Rosie Sayers, collage

Bittersweet Utopia

Rosie’s process begins with sourcing vintage images found in old magazines at garage sales. Apart from the odd digital manipulation, she also likes to use paint, glitter, fresh flowers, and leaves.  Her preferred method of creating these captivating collages is with a scalpel, a cutting mat, and some glue. Once her work reaches its final form, she hopes that it evokes a sense of escapism.  These surreal collages grab your attention, hold it, and submerge you in a dreamscape filled with an otherworldly essence that embodies the utopia she first laid eyes upon as a child.

"Over the Moon" by Rosie Sayers, collage

In collaboration with Flare Street in 2017, her work became an eye-popping, psychedelic background for their Cosmic Velvet shoot in Joshua Tree, California. This is only the beginning of way more to come for the young Australian. If it wasn’t for the content she began creating for the jewelry maker and designer Millie Savage, her Instagram account would’ve remained private and young Sayers might not have shared her striking work with the rest of the world.

Flare Street Collaboration with Rosie Sayers, collage, 2017

We see the promise of the future in Rosie Sayers’ work and, as we glance over her imaginative creations, we imagine something less futuristic and somehow far more ‘now’ and organic: a young artist flipping through a stack of dusty National Geographic magazines, assembling realms of fantasy, and ultimately – happiness.

All images copyright of Rosie Sayers.

You can view more work by Rosie on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Wynand Conrad

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