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Diane Villadsen: Nostalgia and Sensibility in Work of a Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photography by Diane Villadsen

    Despite various challenges affected by the market, fashion photography still is a specific and demanding category since it somehow mandatory for the artist to possess certain aesthetic and composing sense. The emerging artists often convey to already established styles or cannons, but what makes them stood up is a particular approach and the treatment of the themes or motifs they represent.

A fine example of subtle and fresh photographic practice focused on fashion is a body of work by San Francisco based photographer Diane Villadsen. By carefully selecting the models, by the contrasting environment with the clothes they are wearing, and by meticulously processing taken images, the artist manages to produce tender sights, full of nostalgia and sensibility.

Diane Willadsen - Miki Series
Diane Willadsen - Miki Series

Young And Promising Photographer

Diane Villadsen was born in California in 1992. She graduated with a degree in linguistics in 2015 and after that had a marketing job at UC Berkeley. Photography was her passion since childhood, so a decision to pursue photography in 2013 came naturally. Since then the works of Villadsen are published in The Maker’s Post, MITH, Solstice, Bobcut, Local Wolves, Dreamingless, Lomography, and Atlas magazines and online at Yatzer and Shotkit. Aside from shootings, the artist passionately runs YouTube tutorials and a section on her web page devoted to photography resources in order to empower fellow colleagues by sharing her knowledge.

Diane Willadsen - Miki
Diane Willadsen - Miki

Colorful And Memorable Images of Diane Villadsen

Saturated with color and soft light, the works of Villadsen reflect an interest in simple, yet dashing narratives centered on the female beauty. Whether the models are places in interior or exterior, they are depicted in a dreamy fashion, as if they are contemplating. As a matter of fact, Villadsen’s photographs can be perceived as some sort of non-verbal confessions, cinematic stories of intimacy. Therefore, it seems that this emerging artist is prone to establishing authentic and peculiar practice unladen by the demands of the market.

All images copyright of Diane Villadsen.

You can view more work by Diane Villadsen on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Vladimir Bjelicic

Diane Willadsen - Ksenia Series,
Diane Willadsen - Ksenia Series, Bay Area Fashion Photography,
Diane Willadsen - Ksenia,
Diane Willadsen - Angel Island Series,
Diane Villadsen - Angel Island series,
Diane Villadsen - Kelsey Series,
Diane Villadsen - Kelsey,
Diane Villadsen - Georgia,
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