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Brendon Burton: Haunting, Lonely and Atmospheric Photographs of Forgotten Places

Landscape and Portrait Photography by Brendon Burton

The concept of space has a crucial role in today’s humanities and arts. The set of meanings that some abandoned place owns influence the lives of people, their everyday practice and beliefs. Symbolical meaning of place connects past and present, but it also whispers about the future of the local community. For this reason, vacant, empty places are interesting for conceptual photographers. Brendon Burton shoots landscapes and portraits, emphasizing the concept of liminal space. His focus on decaying places shows the limitless creative energy provided by abandoned objects.

Landscape and Portrait photography by conceptual photographer Brendon Burton, minus37 (2)
Brendon Burton - Untitled, 2013

Travel Journey

The young and talented twenty-five years old photographer Brendon Burton was born and raised in Portland. He spent his childhood in a small isolated community, which influenced his distinct photography style. In 2011 he finished the 365-day self-portraits project. Some of the photos were featured in articles at the Huffington Post, PetaPixel, and on

Growing up on the farm have a significant influence on Brandon’s artistic journey. And when we said journey, we meant it literary. Brendon’s inspiration comes from the outside world. For this reason, the photographer travels through Oregon in a company with the other photographers, searching for inspiring landscapes and abandoned places to shoot. His work is exciting but also challenging – it’s not easy and safe to shoot old houses and left yards without permission.

Landscape and Portrait photography by conceptual photographer Brendon Burton, minus37 (16)
Brendon Burton - Scene from a ghost town, Western Gothic series

Forgotten Places as Creative Inspiration

Brandon spent most of the childhood alone which made him wonder about “cultural isolation and what becomes of locations that many people forget about.” He shoots incredible, but mystical, sometimes even spooky photos of vacant places.

I would describe my personal style as haunting, lonely and atmospheric.

The pictures tell us stories about the photographer’s perspective of space full of meanings and creative ideas.

All images copyright of Brendon Burton

You can view more work by Brendon Burton his Instagram and Website.

Article written by Danica Jovic




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