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Sarah Elise Abramson: Eccentric Photography by Creator of Slow Toast Magazine

Photographer, Publisher and Painter

The surreal, mystical world, the world of fantasy, brings creative ideas for all artists. Conceptual photographers are aware of its potentials and the creative opportunities for experiments with motifs as well as with composition. Some of them, fascinated with the human’s inner life and psyche, create a new, fresh approach through one of the most important things that occupy artists.

Sarah Elise Abramson is a young conceptual photographer, publisher and painter from California. She is a creator of mystical images that illustrates our subconscious and the secret world of the human mind.  

Conceptual photography by Sarah Elise Abramson (17)
Sarah Elise Abramson - Untitled

Walking Through the World of Dreams

Sarah Elise Abramson was born in 1986 in Torrance, California. As a young girl, Sarah felt a passion for photography and at the age of 10 took some first photos. The photographer attended Brooks Institute School of Photography and Parsons School of Design in New York.

We can describe Sarah as an enthusiastic, open-minded person, interesting in photography art and ready to learn and experiment.  She takes photos for magazines, such as Coachella Magazine, Monster Children, Cry Baby zine, Beautiful Bizarre, Huffington Post and she is also creator and editor-in-chief of Slow Toast. Sarah enjoys photographing artists – musicians and writers (Bombón, Mike Watt, Emily Gold, Liz McGrath, and David LaChapelle), but the fascination with nature and eccentric characters stayed one of the main characteristics of Sarah’s photography work since the beginning of her career. Sarah’s art tells us a story of ordinary things but with remarkable vision. Her photos are a journey of and through a human’s soul and mind.

Eccentric Art of Sarah Elise Abramson

Sarah Elise Abramson’s photos represent a new, modern aesthetic. She takes photos of man and women in the interesting surrounding to show dreamlike visions and the surreal world.

Her photos are the fusion of everyday objects and the deepest thoughts of the human mind. They help us to recognize and to accept fantasies and subconscious ideas and feelings. Sometimes her photos are strange and scary, but they show us the beauty of ordinary and the power of nature.

All images copyright of Sarah Elise Abramson.

You can view more work by Sarah Elise Abramson her Website and Instagram.

Article written by Danica Jovic



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