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Sean Mundy: Conceptual Images Which Provoke and Disorder Our Emotions

Conceptual Photography by Sean Mundy

Conceptual photography is maybe the most interesting areas of today’s artistic photography. Showing numerous and diverse ideas about fundamental concepts that occupy the human’s mind, this type of photography successfully stimulates and inspires both photographers and interested spectators. Sean Mundy is a young conceptual photographer and digital artist. He was born in 1991 in Montréal, Canada. The photographer studied Commercial Photography at Dawson College. Sean is famous for his artistic conceptual images which provoke and disorder our emotions.

Sean Mundy - Untitled (Red Thread), 2018, minus37
Sean Mundy - Untitled (Red Thread), 2018

A Creator of Surreal Images

Sean Mundy is an artist of conceptual photography. His recent solo exhibitions, Recent Works (2018) and Hollow (2016), showed artistically new forms that reveal human individuality and call us to think about the specific position of human beings between social norms, beliefs, personal ideas, and emotional self. Sean finds inspiration in everyday life. The images are a creation of the photographer’s inner thoughts and questions about identity. Self-reflection and self-doubt, the basic concepts that participate in the photographer’s process of creation, make these photos look so magnificent. The focus of Sean’s photos, humans, unknown and mostly in black, are interpolated into a particular context, to evoke mystical atmosphere. The colors also play a huge role in his work. They get a shape of distinct objects that blend with other elements creating the photographer’s vision.

Sean Mundy - Idolatry, 2014, Hollow series, minus37
Sean Mundy - Idolatry, 2014, Hollow series
Sean Mundy - Gears, 2016, Hollow series, minus37
Sean Mundy - Gears, 2016, Hollow series

Creating the World of Imagery

Sean Mundy is the creator of the unique world. The process of production has a lot of separate parts and includes different kinds of artistic engagement. The first part of the artistic approach is to draw ideas and concepts. The sketches help Sean to prepare a scene and a model for the shooting. If everything goes well in this part of the process, the artist is ready to take images. But, sometimes the plan doesn’t work, so he needs to make changes. Despite this, sketching out the idea and preparing a scene for the shooting is very useful. A part of the work happens in post-production. The photographer is a master of digitally manipulated pictures. He uses forms and colors to express unreal and strange concepts. These images require a contemplative audience, a people ready to image, think and create meanings.

All images copyright of Sean Mundy.

You can view more work by Sean Mundy his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Danica Jovic




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