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Drew Doggett: Blending Ethnography and Fashion Photography

Photographs from an African Catwalk

Drew Doggett is an American photographer on a mission to capture and document the cultures and people of our world who are at risk of fading into oblivion. He is an award-winning photographer, not simply due to his photographic images, but rather the pure humanity that drives his quest to capture some of the world’s most remote and unique cultures.

Drew Doggett - The Gaze, Desert Song: Compositions of Kenya series
Drew Doggett - The Gaze, Desert Song: Compositions of Kenya series
Drew Doggett - Omo People series, Africa
Drew Doggett - Omo People series, Africa

Drew Doggett’s Journey of Self Discovery

Born in Maryland, the USA in 1984, Drew Doggett holds a BA in Human & Organization Development from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. He currently lives and works in Charleston, South Carolina. Drew’s love for photography started as a mere hobby whilst traveling the world with his architect father. He describes his home and upbringing as a place where creativity was nurtured and encouraged. This combined with his introduction to the unique world of architectural lines, shapes, and silhouettes is something he accredits his photographic style with. Doggett describes his camera as a means of further exploring the world around him and this exploration has led to his work being incorporated into the Smithsonian African Art Museum (DC). If ever there was a momentous shift in how the world views a photographer, then it may just be defying the norm and becoming part of history while you are still on this earth.

Drew-Doggett - Adato and Mindisayo, Desert Song: Compositions of Kenya series
Drew Doggett - Youth Reflected, Desert Song: Compositions of Kenya series

Fashion Photography Meets Ethnography

As a young photographer Drew found himself living and working in New York with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. But, his artistic nature and creative desires could not find peace in the world of fashion photography. A month sabbatical in the Himalayas is where Drew’s fine art photography seed was firmly planted. He found not only a sense of intrigue but also an urgency to document different cultures only found in the remotest of places in the world.

This is where New York Fashion Week meets Kenyan Tribal Goddess, Nepalese Basic Instincts and True Thoroughbreds of this world! A merging of two worlds that are so far apart yet offer a wealth and opulence that is indescribable. The biggest difference is that one is already on a pedestal while the other finds its voice and a platform through the eyes of the exceptional photographer Drew Doggett!

All images copyright of Drew Doggett.

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Article written by Angelina Angileri






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