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Liam Cobb: Loneliness and Belonging in Precise Illustrations

Architectural Illustrations

Influenced unquestionably by the world of comics, Liam Cobb creates different reinterpretations of reality in his illustrations through various elements that awaken his creativity, whether found in his daily life or inspired by a discovered object or an image. A son of artists, Liam’s work is heavily influenced by the precision of the architectural traces with elements of graphic design and photography.

Illustration by Liam Cobb, marker on paper, 2018

Liam’s pieces not only expose an excellent technical quality but their content generates a dialogue with the viewer, dealing with absence, nostalgia, and distance in modern world. Characters lacking facial expressions denote any type of feeling and tend to reflect a longing for contact and emotional communication within the frames of a space around them.

Interior Illustration by Liam Cobb, 2018

Pastel Dreamscapes

The colors of Cobb’s work often go in high-contrast palettes that recall the lithographic impressions of comics and fanzines. Liam, however, takes advantage of this not only to generate a vibrant palette but to superpose patterns that are integrated into the spaces he portrays that provide a slightly surreal atmosphere of the modern daily life portrayed in his pieces.

"Woman at the Window" by Liam Cobb, illustration, 2018
"Sunset on a Balcony" by Liam Cobb, illustration, 2018

Passionate about graphic narrative, Cobb’s work in the published graphic novels reveals the environment and emotions that he captures and emanates through his pieces, which have led him to illustrate different types of content, such as short stories for various authors or articles in The New York Times.

Illustration by Liam Cobb, pen on paper, 2018

“I like to evoke some sort of narrative or a mood. Sometimes I like to create a piece of the reader/viewer can feel like they could step into and explore.”

Illustration for "The Parisianer" by Liam Cobb, 2017

Each of Liam Cobb’s pieces invites the viewer to coexist within the frames and spaces of his artwork, to dive into both the atmosphere and the history that is about to happen in the illustration and that is happening either in the text that accompanies it or in the mind of the spectator.

All images copyright of Liam Cobb

You can view more work by Liam on his Instagram and website.

Article written by Anamaria Aguirre Chourio

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