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Mads Perch: Futuristic, Subtle and Emotional Portraits as a Reflection of the Digital Era

Vivid Photography

     Rapid technological development in recent years caused us to rethink how our future is going to look like. Since the humans have become one with the machines, virtual reality is no longer just an abstracted image – rather it is a real and mediated experience. Therefore we need to closely examine how this shift affects our bodies and motions in a physical space.  

Mads Perch - Ink Series, minus37com
Mads Perch - Ink Series

The prolific photographer Mads Perch is exploring the possibilities of representations of corporeality in the digital era by focusing on vivid, yet discreet portraits. By juxtaposing the bodies or the faces with specific surfaces or lights, he manages to produce futuristic, subtle and somehow emotional narratives which reveal both the human alienation and transcendence in the increasingly digitized world.

Mads Perch - Rationale Album Cover Campaign, Warner Music (left) Glitter Masks Series (right), minus37
Mads Perch - Rationale Album Cover Campaign, Warner Music (left) / Glitter Masks Series (right)

The Master of Color

Mads Perch is a Danish-born photographer based in London. After basic studies in Copenhagen, he graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2005 with a BA in Photography. During the studies, Perch worked as an assistant for established photographers such as Mark Le Bon and Jason Evans. Shortly after Perch was hired by the i-D magazine to shoot portraits, which opened the door for further collaborations with clients like Oki Ni and The Pitchfork Review. Gradually, he started working with various musicians on press images and record sleeves which gained him a label of an established fashion and music photographer.

Mads Perch - Projections Series 3, minus37com
Mads Perch - Projections Series

Digitized Portraits of Mads Perch

The works of Mads Perch can be perceived as some sort of romanticized appraisals of constant technological advancement. Apparently fascinated with the distant and unknown territories of digital practices, the photographer tends to explore how our bodies and minds transpose.

Mads Perch - Light Patterns Series, minus37com
Mads Perch - Light Patterns Series

Vivid colors enhance the intensity of the expressed experience of a group or lonesome bodies; they are captured in a moment of contemplation or transformation. Superimposed by rays, grid projections or smoke/dust forms, all of the portrayed subjects seem to be caught in a sublime state somewhere in between reality and virtuality.

All images copyright of Mads Perch.

You can view more work by Mads Perch on his Instagram and website.

Article written by Vladimir Bjelicic

Mads Perch and Gemma Fletcher - Reflections Series, minus37com
Mads Perch - Fabric Nude Series, minus37
Mads Perch - Fabric NudeSeries 3, minus37com
Mads Perch and Gemma Fletcher - Glitter Masks Series, minus37com
Mads Perch - MIA for Pitchfork Magazine, minus37
Mads Perch - Fabric 16th Series, minus37com
Mads Perch - Fabric 16th Series, minus37
Mads Perch - Projections Series, minus37com
Mads Perch - Projections Series 2, minus37com
Mads Perch - Fabric 17th Series, minus 37
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